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iS75 Universal iPod Adapter Cable for iPod

iS75 Universal iPod Adapter Cable for iPod
The iS75 is our most diverse universal adapter. It includes a dock connector( iPod/iPhones, iPad) and a 3.5mm plug (MP3, laptops, phones etc.)
iSimple's new line of adapters provide a convenient way to enjoy iPod and MP3 Players in the automobile. The newest release iS75 has an iPod dock connector for audio playback and charging for all iPods/iPhones/iPad while providing audio output via stereo RCA connectors. The iS75 also has a 3.5mm plug (1/8") for audio playback from any MP3 Player or audio device (i.e Zune, DVD Player, Walkman etc) equipped with a 3.5mm jack. Best of all, you operate your iPod from the clickwheel you've grown to love! The iS75 connects to the 30-pin dock found on the bottom of the iPod and to any audio device with a 3.5mm (1/8") jack to provide two stereo audio outputs (RCA). Connect the RCA outputs to any radio with RCA inputs or one of our Auxiliary Input adapters (sold separately).

» Direct audio connection for optimal sound quality
» Control all iPod functions using the iPod clickwheel. Controlling iPod products from the radio is not possible.
» Display of Song name, artist name, song tittle and etc are not supported.
» Charges and Plays all 30-pin iPods/iPhones/iPads. New Lightning devices (i.e. iPhone 6 etc) requires an Adapter
» Cable (6.5 ft. long)
[These issues or circumstances may affect compatibility of our product with your radio or vehicle.]
1. Works on factory (OEM) radios with RCA audio inputs or [an auxiliary input adapter is required for radios with CD Changer controls].
2. Works on any aftermarket radio with RCA inputs or [an auxiliary input adapter is required for radios with CD Changer controls.]
3. Works with any Auxiliary input adapter featuring a pair of RCA audio inputs
4. Compatible with any audio device (i.e. MP3 player) that has a 3.5mm audio jack
5. You may also use the IS75 to connect iPod products to your home Audio receiver. [charging* feature may not apply].

1. This is a line level audio device that must connect to a volume controlling device (does not work if connected directly to an amplifier).
2. The iS75 is for Audio Playback and Charging only -- no controls from radio.

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