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A2D-BKR Audio Streaming Adapter for select Becker AUX Ready Radios

A2D-BKR Audio Streaming Adapter for select Becker AUX Ready Radios
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Stream music apps from Smartphone without changing factory Radio.
While it is true that due to their lack of support for more attractive modern media formats, many European vehicle owners have replaced the original Becker Radio. For those adamant about keeping vehicle stock look we offer a line of adapters sure to open up a whole lot of different options for listening to music and other audio content. Music Streaming is now possible in select Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover, Ferrari and other European luxury vehicles with Becker Aux Ready Radios (See drop-down menu below for radio models). Once installed, the user is able to stream internet music, listen to turn-by-turn directions if navigating or music stored on A2DP capable Computer, Smartphone, Kindle, Tablet etc. This clean solution leaves no wires on or around the dash and is the accessory you want if looking for Bluetooth music streaming connectivity without investing in a new Radio.

» Plug-n-play installation in less than 20 minutes (no cutting, tapping or splicing) Click here for more
» Supports any Smartphone (Apple, Samsung, etc) with A2DP Profile. (Does not support Hand-free calls)
» Provides a wire free audio connection without disrupting the look of existing dash components.
» Auto-reconnect/disconnect when ignition is turned on/off.
» Stream from music internet sites such as Pandora, Spotify, iHeart Radio and more.
» Music stream will mute upon receiving call and resume when call ends
» Connects to the "AUX" port on Becker Radio (not FM Modulated).
» Nominal current draw (0.50mA)
[These issues or circumstances may affect compatibility of our product with your radio or vehicle.]
1. Works in Porsche Becker "AUX" Ready Radios. (See drop-down menu below for model listing)
2. Works in Mercedes Benz, Vito, Sprinter and Dodge Sprinter (See drop-down menu below for listing)
3. 2003-04 Land Rover Discovery II & 2002-05 Freelander Becker Radios.(See drop-down menu below for listing)
4. Works in BMW with Becker Traffic Pro/Harman Kardon.(See drop-down menu below for listing)
5. Ferrari with Becker Traffic Pro, Mexico Pro, Cascade (See drop-down menu below for listing)
6. Works in Maserati 4200 Gransport/Spider with Becker BE7801 Infotainment radio only
7. Also compatible with Indianapolis (Pro), Grand Prix, Mexico (Pro), Cascade Pro,Traffic Pro, Online Pro, DTM, Monza. (See drop-down menu below for listing)
8. Locate Becker Radio model number on Radio chassis and/or faceplate (see detail images)
9. CD Changer (if present) must be disconnected. Click installation link below.

» Main Unit x1 (2" L x 2" W x 1" H)
» plug-n-play power harness x1

Avoid costly returns. See Installation Guide prior to ordering.

Footnotes: [See drop-down menu for details]
* Cascade with factory hands-free option must purchase this harness to retain this feature.
** Connect red lead to ignition powered source

1. Porsche CR-1, CDR210, CR210 without AUX menu click here
2. Does not supports Hands-Free Profile (HFP). For Hands-Free Profile, see the A2DIY-BKR.

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  • Author: A. Sanchez
    Originally ordered the Blau/8-3.5 cable for my Boxster with CDR220 radio, then saw this part which i thought was a more attractive option. Called to changed order and glad i did. This parts was easy to install (just follow the pdf document here online) . Pairing with iPhone takes less than a minute and does not have to be repeated. I tested with Pandora stream and Waze navigation.. works like a charm. The music mutes when turn by turn instructions are given, then returns to full volume thereafter.
    Thank you!
  • Author: Trevor Richardson
    I read about this part on the Porsche forums and decided to give it a try. First, this thing was easy to install. The most difficult part was getting the keys to release the radio (CR220). It literally took less than a minute to make the connections and another 15 seconds to pair my iPhone. Because of this adapter, i can now listen to Howard Stern and other Sirius app content while on the road.