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AiH-CONTI Amplifier integration kit for Continental Radios

AiH-CONTI Amplifier integration kit for Continental Radios
connects to slot "B"
Adding an aftermarket amplifier to Continental Radios made easy.
If you installed a Continental radio you may realize these do not have pre-amp output required by most aftermarket amps. The AiH-CONTI aftermarket amplifier installation kit connects to the 8-PIN ISO (B)  slot on the back of the radio and provides 4-line level outputs and remote turn-on to an aftermarket amplifier. (Amp triggered by radio speaker outputs)

» Compatible with all Continental Radios (See pull-down menu)
» Provides 4-Channel RCA pre-amp outputs (Front and Rear) for aftermarket amp
» Provides Remote turn-on for aftermarket amp
» Fits the 8-pin Speaker output (B) connector on continental radios.
» Red LED trigger indicator
Plug-n-play Installation (no wire cutting or splicing)
1. Connect 8-pin iso plug into the (B) slot on back of the radio,
2. Disconnect 8-pin plug from the (A) slot from radio
3. Connect 8-pin plug removed from radio to matting connector on harness
4. Connect 8-pin plug from harness to A slot vacated in step 2.
5. RCA interconnects (sold separately), and remote turn-on on aftermarket amp.

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